Pray Shoreline


Greetings in the name of our glorious Lord Jesus Christ!
It’s been said that history belongs to the intercessors. If you are an intercessor and one who believes in prevailing prayer, this is for you. I would like to introduce you to Pray Shoreline, a local movement that is aimed at COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION THROUGH PRAYER.

There are plenty of examples of communities experiencing transformation across our globe; and as much as anything else, persistent, believing prayer is at the heart of those transformations. We often make reasonable attempts to see change in our communities, but when we add this kind of intercession, God does what only He can do, in His own time and in His own way, which blesses us and brings Him glory.

PRAY SHORELINE seeks to build a prayer network that will result in an increase of the VOLUME and SCOPE of the prayers of His saints. What do I mean by those two terms?
The VOLUME of prayer is measured, more or less, in man-hours of prayer. More people seeking the Lord for more hours means more prayer. We are utilizing a strategy called OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER that aims to cover every hour of every day of each month by recruiting churches that will take responsibility for one day of each month. Each church, in turn, will recruit enough prayer warriors to fill in its 24-hour period each month. Prayer warriors would “stand watch” in prayer for Shoreline. What if a church can’t find 24 people, or fill 24 slots? Do what you can! What if you want to engage your intercessors in praying along with us for the city, but don’t feel you can handle a 24-hour day? Let us know when you are praying regularly and just be willing to share the prayer list we update each month with your intercessors. Simple!

The SCOPE of prayer involves requests and targets that are focused on each of the seven spheres of society: The family, the Church, education, healthcare, business, government (includes firefighters, military and police) and the media. We invite church connectors and those representing each of the spheres to a monthly meeting to update our prayer list. This way the list is fresh and strategic each month.

There’s great FLEXIBILITY here too. We send each month’s prayer list to participating churches in a Word document. You are encouraged to add the requests of your own church and even edit our list according to your own inclination, and then send it out to your own intercessors. This is a win-win situation. Each church will be praying for its own needs, but also engage in praying for the whole community. Although we don’t plan any joint prayer meetings, we believe that this is one way of praying in one accord. Our united prayers are powerful.

If you are interested in any involvement in this potentially powerful movement, please let me know. “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5:16


Rev. Stephen T. Ulmer
Director, Pray Shoreline