Refugee \ Immigrant Care


  • For an overall softening of people’s hearts towards immigrants and refugees, that church members would view them with love as brothers and sisters in Christ;
  • For the numbers of Syrian refugees in need of a new home right now
  • For those who have been persecuted for their religious beliefs abroad and are seeking asylum;
  • For those women who have been victims of domestic violence and/or systemic gender oppression in their home countries, and who wish to immigrate somewhere that they are valued as daughters in Christ;
  • For the unaccompanied minor children who enter our borders with nowhere to go and nobody to provide for them;
  • For the undocumented immigrants already within our borders – that ways would become available for them to legalize their status, and in the meantime, that they would have confidence in their personhood and identity.
  • For all immigrants and refugees who live in poverty, that they wouldn’t struggle to find employment and provision for their families;
  • For divine inspiration and calling on the church to align itself with and/or take on advocacy for immigration reform, as it has already done with other political issues of religious freedom, pro-life beliefs, and family values.
  • For there to be some yield in the housing crisis in King County – that property owners would lease to refugees without rental history and that people would open their homes and their neighborhoods without hesitation or fear.
  • For higher paying jobs to be available for skilled and educated refugees – that they would find avenues of growth and  mobility in their new community.
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