• For those experiencing homelessness: that they would know the love of God.
  • For provision for their needs, both urgent and long term.
  • For their health and wellness.
  • For people living in their cars and outside to remain safe.
  • For mutually beneficial relationships and friendship to be present in their lives.
  • For children experiencing homelessness and for the McKinney-Vento workers who help them navigate through school.
  • For mental health professionals to be able to serve well those in need.
  • For ways your congregation can partner with others to serve those in need.
  • For city officials to pass and enforce compassionate legislation.
  • For city officials and community leaders to continue to find interventions for homelessness.
  • For organizations who serve those experiencing homelessness: for the staff to be encouraged and for financial provision.


American Refugees
Invisible People
Mission Manifesto

Host a Drive
Provide a Meal
Host safe parking at your church
Make a Hygiene Bag