June Church Leaders lunch at Shoreline Community Church


Meeting for lunch and fellowship. Churches represented Hope Bible Fellowship Shoreline Community,  Berean Bible, Shoreline Full Gospel, Tabernacle Baptist, New Hope Seattle, Korean First Christian,  Shoreline School Emergency Response,Re-Make Christian Fellowship, Stadia and the Union Gospel Mission.  We discussed the ways in which churches could support the Foster Care Engagement process.  We had an the example of a gift box we could assemble  for the  children waiting for placement at a DSHS office.  We  talked about how we might encourage members of our congregation to become on call childcare for these children while they in the office. See http://www.lightupthecity.org/#!foster-care/h26ec.

There are no lunches planned for July and August

August 20th  and 21st many churches are participating in a serve day focusing on partnerships with our local schools. Contact Steve Ulmer for information steve@newhopeseattle.org

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