Church leaders meet to plan the National Day of Prayer Event May 5th

Planning for National Day of Prayer

Representatives from 5 local churches met to plan for the National Day of Prayer May 2016. Last year we had over 200 come together to pray for the nation, the church, our leaders, businesses, schools, families, the homeless, the poor and hurt, health care, the arts, and missions.  We expect to see even more people come this year.

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Shoreline City wide prayer meeting

30 people from eight different churches came to pray together Thursday at First Christian Reformed Church. We prayed for repentance for our personal and corporate sins.  We prayed for the unity of Christian churches, for our government leaders, our children and other needs.

Feb 4 Shoreline All Church Prayer meeting

We prayed for revival that comes from our repentance, our unity and our willingness to love our community.

Feb 4 All Shoreline Prayer

Jesus said my house shall be called a house of prayer.  We experienced that tonight.

Feb4 Shoreline Wide Prayer meetingPraying Feb 4 2016

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Paul Colman at Calvin Pres Saturday Feb 27th

Grammy nominated Paul Colman, from Newsboys fame (guitarist 2005-2008), coming to perform at Calvin Presbyterian Church 18826 3rd Ave NW Shoreline WA 98177 on Saturday, February 27 at 7pm.


Check out this promo video

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Prayer Vigil to End Gun Violence


Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 in News by The Rev. David Marshall

Our first Prayer Vigil to End Gun Violence will be on Thursday, January 7th, at 6:00PM at St. Dunstan’s Church. 722 N 145th St.Shoreline, WA 98133. The Prayer Vigil will last half an hour and will include music, prayer, conversation, and time for reflection. After the service there will be a time for conversation and sharing ideas. Our hope is to create a space where everyone, from pacifists who would never touch a gun to gun collectors and gun enthusiasts, can come together to work towards the shared goal of ending gun violence.

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What are you, your family, small group or church doing to serve the community you live in, your parish?

We and our churches  have been placed in a community / neighborhood  / city for a purpose.   One purpose is to serve the community / neighborhood  / city its people and institutions with the agape’  love that has been shown to us by Jesus.   This type of love doesn’t  expect a return or even a recognition.   But another reason we, and our churches are here is that  God would use the community around us to help us.

One way to evaluate our church is to look at Sunday attendance, the size  of the congregation or the offering  or how many were baptized.  Another way to evaluate our church is to look at the health and well-being  of the community around us.  Looking at the needs of our community is daunting.  There is far too much unnecessary illness, poverty, abuse, chemical dependency, divorce, child trauma, homelessness and violence for us to handle. We need the Holy Spirit, the whole Church and the help of the whole community to tackle these issues effectively.   One of the best reader board signs on a church:  Your help is needed

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